Faculty Advisor: Dr. Iveta Imre
Dr. Imre has a professional background in broadcast journalism: in Croatia, she worked as a news reporter for the Croatian Public Television (HRT). Iveta has more than ten years of experience in teaching television news, production and writing for mass media classes, and managing television studio and equipment. Her research interests include international communication, development of media in post-communist countries and journalism education.


Editor-in-chief: Jackson Carter

Jackson Carter is a second-year graduate student and the Editor-in-chief of The LR Angle. His research interests include media history, the First Amendment, net neutrality, and political journalism and hopes to use his passion for knowledge in a career teaching mass communication at the university level.



Editor: Jack A. Webb
Jack A. Webb, of Pine Bluff, is a senior journalism student at UA-Little Rock. He is a multimedia journalist with interests in politics, social issues, and technology. With a passion for storytelling, Jack has chosen a career where he hopes to continue covering meaningful stories that give a voice to the voiceless.



Editor: Brittany Owens
Brittany Owens is a senior journalism student at UA-Little Rock. She moved to Little Rock from Los Angeles to pursue her degree. Her research interests include race relations and music. Brittany also writes for two other publications and is currently working on her first book.