The Cornbread Festival is bring people to South Main Street

The organizers of the Cornbread Festival are on a mission to bring communities together to celebrate South Main Street transformation.

Anita Davis, South Main Street Advocate and founder of the Arkansas Cornbread Festival, established the annual event for three key reasons. First, to bring awareness to the South Main Street community. Secondly, to provide financial support to the local businesses in the area. Lastly, to encourage people who haven’t visited the street in a long time to experience the new renovations and additions made to the downtown area in recent years. 

“Cornbread is an integral part of our southern heritage, and we live in a community steeped in history and tradition,” said Davis. 

The Cornbread Festival location is adjacent to the Bernice Garden at the southeast corner of Daisy Gatson Bates Avenue and South Main Street. The free family-friendly event features live entertainment, local vendors selling Arkansas-inspired food, jewelry, and crafts. 

The main attraction is the cornbread competition were amateurs and professional chefs compete for prizes. To vote for the best cornbread, participants must purchase a taste testing ticket for $10.00. All proceeds from the event go to the South Main in Little Rock Community Improvement Project. 

South Main Street, which local Arkansans call SoMa, once was a street filled with decapitated buildings and abandoned restaurants.  The previous decayed, overlooked street is now flourishing with the Cornbread Festival,  new businesses,  and renovated establishments that are revitalizing South Main Street. 

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