Criminal Justice Student Wins Best Poster Presentation at CSSC Showcase

The winner of this year’s CSSC Showcase Poster Presentation at UA Little Rock focuses on religious influence regarding sexual orientation.

The research paper, “What’s God Got to Do with It?: Religious Salience and Attitudes Towards Sexual Orientation,” was presented by Tabrina Bratton, who is co-authoring the research with Robert Lytle and Tusty ten Bensel. The group also presented their research last November at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia.

“[The research is] basically looking at the effect religion has on attitudes towards same-sex marriage and approval of homosexuality,” Bratton said, during the poster presentation.

Bratton’s presentation was chosen from ten presentations; six undergraduate and four graduate-level entrants. The winners of each section of the CSSC Showcase were announced during the two-day event’s award ceremony on Feb 27. Bratton said the win was unexpected, but encouraging.

“It represents that people do care to me about LGBTQ, and how religion sometimes affects tolerance and public attitudes,” Bratton said, after the awards ceremony.

Looking forward, Bratton said she would like to expand on her research.

“I would like to look at the regional effects of hate crime rates,” Bratton said. “So, while we looked at individual level on religion we also looked at an aggregate level on region so that would be interesting to dig deeper into”

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