Dance Team Evolves With New Coach

The season is coming to an end as the UA Little Rock Dance Team gears up for the 2018 Sun Belt Championship that is set to happen March 7-11, 2018.

“I am really looking forward to new routines for Sun Belt, and it’ll be unique to see the dynamic change within the team since we are only able to take 12 members from the team,” said Christoper Gardner, the dance team leader.

The dance team started practicing for the upcoming season by learning new routines, cheers, and sidelines. The veterans of the dance team felt that the team was better than it had ever been under the guidance of the new coach Cameron Kuhn. Kuhn took over last year when the former dance coach Kimberly Whipple left UA Little Rock to take a coach position in Texas.

“What made me want to consider the position as the new coach was that I have choreographed for 11 years in the high school world of dance, and one thing that was really frustrating to me was that I would always say if I was a coach I would do this, or if I was a coach I would that, or I would run it like this, or I would run it like that. This opportunity presented itself and I thought it was time to either put up or shut up… and finally go the next step and take on my own team,” said Kuhn.

Sun Belt is just one highlight thus far for the team. Kuhn feels that there have been many enjoyable moments.

“The highlights thus far have been watching my dancers grow as people has been rewarding. Speaking with donors and fans is really humbling, and to see that people is supporting the team is really awesome,” said Kuhn.

Kuhn said he has great things in store as tryouts for the 2018 dance team are starting in April.

“The goals that I have for the team next year is that we are competing. I would like to triple our volunteer and fundraising efforts to help the team and become more of a presence in the community. I would like to hammer down on improving our dancing skills, and hold our own as a team,” said Kuhn.

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