AcroYoga Creates Safe Haven for Little Rock Community

Arkansas Acro instructors, Scott and Hannah Forbush, realized how empowering AcroYoga could be after attending a class together on their very first date. Four years ago they made the decision to pursue the goal of teaching others this art. They both received their Acro Revolution Teacher Certification in 2016 and have been sharing AcroYoga with others since.

AcroYoga incorporates a flyer, base, and spot in fun exercises that challenge your body, but the instructors said they see these exercises as a way for people to support each other with their feet as much as they support one another as a family and a community.

“AcroYoga is more about creating a community of trust and confidence,” said Scott Forbush.

Their students said AcroYoga allows this type of community to be created because you must constantly communicate well with the people around you.

“Yoga tends to be an individual thing whereas, with AcroYoga, you’re forced to communicate and work as a team, which makes it very different,” said Seth Mikkelsen, a student who has been attending Scott and Hannah Forbush’s classes for seven months.

Scott Forbush talked with the students during the AcroYoga class about how consent is sexy and how they want everyone to feel comfortable and in control while in their class because of the things some students have endured. The Forbush’s said that this allows everyone, even people who have been through quite a bit, to feel safe despite what their past might have engraved in their minds.

“I’ve seen it help a lot of people who have gone through sexual abuse because they go from thinking touch is bad to being comfortable with this type of touch,” said Scott Forbush.

The couple said they love to see people break out of their shells and find who they are because of AcroYoga.

“It’s really cool to see people grow from being weak and scared to being strong and confident in themselves,” said Hannah Forbush.


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