The Wesley Foundation presents: Game On!

Students gather at the Wesley Foundation every Tuesday at noon for an afternoon of gaming and lunch. Game On is an event for students to come hang out and play board and video games while having lunch.

The Wesley Foundation is a ministry under the United Methodist Church and a registered student organization at UA Little Rock with a mission to serve the students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community.

“We already just had a lot of students that liked playing games and so we thought it would be an easy way for people to come out and meet some new people and just kind of have fun and be kind of low key during study break time,” said Rev. Jenna Green, Director of the Wesley Foundation .

Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch while light refreshments, like Rice Crispy treats and lemonade, are served. While on their lunch break, they play games like king of Tokyo, Yahtzee, Jumanji, and Taboo.

“For me, this is really a good break in the middle of the day because I come over here after class, and on Tuesday’s they have this game time before I do my homework. So it’s really a good way to de-stress before settling down and focusing on homework for the day,” freshman Molly Shields said.

Students who have already been attending Game On would like for more people to come and hang out with them. Anyone who is on campus is encouraged to attend, including faculty and staff members.

“One thing that all of us try to do is, any of our friends that don’t already come here, we just invite them or anyone we see, because we just want everyone to know that its open for anyone who wants to come,” junior James Perkins said.

Game On isn’t the only event the foundation host throughout the week. They sponsor Ash Wednesdays in the DSC mall area and offer a free lunch on Thursdays.

“Being a senior here I know that classes can be very stressful, so I think an event like this is really nice because it gives students a chance to relax during the week,” senior Corey Woods said.

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