New Concealed Carry Law Causes Concerns

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock is preparing to implement the new state law that allows persons with a concealed carry license to bring a handgun onto the college campus.

The law went into effect September 1, 2017, however, the Arkansas State Police have 120 days from September 1 to develop regulation and implement the law. Students and employees are not permitted to legally carry a gun on campus until regulation is completed.

Arkansas State Police will also be offering a required 8-hour training course that students and employees who are planning to carry handguns on campus must complete. This training course isn’t expected to become available until 2018.

The Associate Vice Chancellor of Communications & Marketing Judy Williams said that no new information will become available until the law is resolved on a state level.

“Since I speak for the university, I don’t have a personal opinion to offer. As a university, we are complying with the new laws,” Judy Williams said via email.

UA Little Rock campus community received the news with mixed feelings. While some do not see a problem with the new law, others said that carrying concealed weapon on campus could cause problems.

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