Trojans Day unites Little Rock community and school district

Brandy Mimms after just performing a routine with the dance team.

The University of Arkansas in Little Rock’s student athletes and fans gathered downtown in front of Dugan’s Pub Thursday evening to kick off this year’s sports season with a strong community behind them.

Athletic Director Chasse Conque kept a certain goal in mind while preparing for Little Rock Trojans Day. He wanted the community to be able to celebrate and promote Little Rock’s team.

“It’s all of our student athletes out here tonight to represent this community; they’ve done about 3,000 hours of community service, they’re incredible in the classroom, and they represent Little Rock throughout the year, so we wanted to bring the city, the downtown community and our program together,” Conque said.

 The street was lined with students, faculty, and passersby. A DJ was playing all of the top hits from today’s music, and the community came together to dance in the street.

The crowd’s excitement matched Conque’s as he explained his enthusiasm for this year to kick off.

“We’re proud of all 200 student athletes and what they’ve accomplished throughout the year, and I look forward to being competitive on the court and on the field,” Conque said.

The dance team got everyone on their feet when they performed a dance set to Michael Jackson’s music and even included his signature move in their routine. Brandy Mimms, a member of the school’s dance team, was happy to talk about her love for being involved.

“We’re a family; we’re not just a dance team, but we’re a family,” Mimms said.

Mimms also mentioned her excitement for a fresh start, a new beginning and a new year.

Trojans Day was organized to help sell season tickets and that goal shaped into an event to bring the athletic department and Little Rock community together.

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