Popular UA Little Rock Alum Pays it Forward Every Year

Travis Rowan is one of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s most popular alumni who received a scholarship to attend the university in 1996. He said without the scholarship he would probably have joined the military. He graduated from UA Little Rock in 2000 with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Information Technology. While studying at UA Little Rock, and in the years after, he worked as a DJ at the radio station Power 92 where he made a name for himself in the Little Rock community as “Tre’ Day (Everyday, All Day).”

Fifteen years ago, Tre’ Day decided to start a scholarship to help Mass Communication students who may need financial help.

“I started it five years after I graduated because then I was able to accumulate enough money and popularity to where I could make it a big deal,” he said. “I just figured that it was my way of repaying, passing the good deed on to somebody else, by starting the scholarship and finding kids who were like me, who didn’t have money to go to college but had the drive and wanted to get a higher education.”

Originally, the scholarship covered the cost of books, but now, Tre’ Day said, the scholarship is substantial enough to pay a one-year tuition fee for one student. He raises money for the scholarship by hosting two fundraisers; the “Celebrity Birthday Bowling Bash” and a tennis tournament “Labor of Love” Charity Classic.

In the 15 years since it started, around 25 students have won the scholarship. This year’s recipient was a sophomore mass communication studentChris Banks. He said that the scholarship will really help in his junior year at UA Little Rock.

“It means a lot. It helps financially and alleviates a little bit of the burden,” he said.

Funds from the Tre’ Day Scholarship have also benefitted the entire School of Mass Communication at UA Little Rock.

“We’ve also been able to use the funds to build a whole new audio studio, well two of them,” he said. “We were able to get new computers, get new software, get new microphones, get new speakers.”

Outside of financial donations, Tre’ Day helps out at UA Little Rock in any way he can, without hesitation. He’s spoken to several classes in the Mass Communication department, played a major role in a music video for CSSC and allowed the basketball department to use his picture to promote their season passes.

“I don’t charge them anything because they helped me pay for my school. So, I told them, ‘Whatever y’all need me to do, just let me know,’ and they’ve definitely put me to work over the past 15 to 20 years,” he said.

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