Finals Week Stress Relief

Finals week. You’re probably super stressed. No, you’re definitely super stressed. You haven’t slept. Your diet has been coffee, energy drinks, and the occasional candy bar. You still haven’t turned in that final research project. Wait, have you even started it? Who knows, to be honest. You know what would probably be nice? A massage. Or maybe even an oxygen bar, where you can take it to the head.

That’s right, folks. UA Little Rock offered FREE massage chairs and oxygen bar to help students cope with stress this Monday. And just like that research project you haven’t started, it’s too late now. So, what are you going to do? Lucky for you, the LR Angle staff is here to give you a few tips on how to deal with stress and end-of-the-semester anxiety:

Take care of yourself. This one is a given. Eating right and exercising are great ways to maintain your energy. Remember to drink water, as this is the biggest marathon of your semester. Go for a run with a fellow student, vent to each other about your stresses, and offer each other encouragement. This article even gives tips on “progressive muscle relaxation,” if you don’t want to hit the gym!

Organize your study space. If your environment is organized, your mind will be, too. Take a few minutes out of your study time to organize and de-clutter your workspace and I promise you’ll thank me for it! For tips on organizing your workspace, click here.

It’s productive to relax. I’ll never forget the time my mama told me that it is productive to relax; and it really does make a lot of sense. Take some time to check your social media or to check out that really cute guy or girl at the library. According to research, working in 90-minute intervals is the “prescription for success.” So, if you don’t believe my mama, you can believe the research. Click here for the full story.

Remind yourself: you can do this. It’s nothing you haven’t done before and unfortunately, its something you’re going to have to do for the rest of your life. You might as well stay positive and use this as a learning exercise for dealing with stress in the future. I have faith in you: you can do this, okay? Break’s over, get like Britney and get to WERK, B.

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