Girl at the Rock Show

As a concert goer, I look for certain things when I see a band perform live. The first is sound quality and set list. Then it’s the band’s energy. Lastly, I look at overall show performance, which includes openers, crowd enjoyment, and the band throwing out guitar picks and drumsticks.

I first saw that Blink-182 was performing at Verizon Arena on Facebook. I was beyond excited because they’re in my top five of favorite bands. I looked at ticket prices and it wasn’t that expensive, I paid $69.50 for a general admission floor ticket. I wanted to be as close as possible to the stage, which I did by getting to the venue early.

When I say that the first thing I check for in a live performance is sound quality, I mean I listen to the music to determine if the band sounds like their albums, but I also listen to make sure it’s not too close to the albums and they’re lip syncing. In this situation, I was also concerned about which songs Blink-182 would perform since they’re original guitarist/singer left the band in 2015 and had to be replaced. I assumed that they would play songs from their new album, with their new guitarist/singer, and their older songs that the bassist/singer sang on.

It was a great surprise when they came out on stage and played my favorite song, which was sung by the member who quit the band. For the rest of the show, I wasn’t left wondering which songs they would play to which songs they wouldn’t play. For being a band that started over 20 years ago, they sounded awesome, although you could tell that their voices have changed just a little since they have recorded their albums. I also couldn’t have asked for a better set list. They played all my favorites and played songs that I didn’t think they would play.

I’ve seen a lot of bands perform live and can tell when a band is generally enjoying themselves and when they are just playing to get through the show. With Blink-182, I felt that they were just playing to play, their energy fell short. It was a great show, but there wasn’t a lot of interaction with the crowd.

I loved getting to see Blink-182 perform and I will remember this concert for a long time, but there were things that I didn’t like. Blink-182 had two show opener bands, Make Out and The Naked and Famous. Make Out had that punk-pop sound that you can find in Blink-182’s music and it went well with energizing the crowd. Then The Naked and Famous went on and their modern electronica sound was a mood killer. I was bored during their whole set.

After Blink-182 went on stage there was a shift in the crowd, it got more intense. People started crowd surfing, which got annoying, especially after I almost got taken out by a person. I would say the crowd was into the show. Finally, I was close enough to the stage that I could see the guitar picks stuck to the mics and usually after a song and always at the end of the show, the band will throw them to the crowd. There were only two picks thrown in the area where I was, one was caught by a person and the other was fought over by about five people. The rest of the picks went to the other side of the stage and the drumsticks were handed to people, instead of being thrown out to the crowd.

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