15 Spring Break Ideas

Ahh. Spring Break is upon us! Your friends are packing for their beach trips, but, if you’re anything like me, you’ve been too busy to plan anything. And if you haven’t been too busy to plan anything, you’re too broke. No worries! Here’s 15 ideas that will help you celebrate and make the most of your break:

GO THRIFTING AND ANTIQUING. Ballin’ on a budget isn’t nearly as hard as it sounds. Update your wardrobe and home decor with the cost effectiveness of thrifting and antiquing. Make sure to pick out some professional pieces for all those interviews you’ll be going on soon. Don’t know where to start? Click here.

TAKE A ROAD TRIP TO SEE YOUR FRIENDS THAT AREN’T ON SPRING BREAK. Just because you’re on spring break doesn’t mean everyone else is. Call up your friends from high school and take advantage of an opportunity to not only catch up, but also to visit a campus you have never been.

VISIT HOT SPRINGS. Did you know Hot Springs was one of American gangster Al Capone’s favorite vacation spots? From haunted hotels, to gambling, to relaxing in one of Arkansas’ natural hot springs, you won’t run out of things to do while visiting. If you want to stay on a budget, consider an AIRBNB. Plan your trip now!

GO OUT FOR A NIGHT ON THE TOWN. Okay, just because you don’t have the time or money to take a fancy get-away doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. There’s plenty to do right here in Little Rock. Plan a night with your friends (or go solo!) to eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to, go to a rum bar, go to a comedy club, go see a movie, or better yet, go see a show at The Rep. TREAT. YO. SELF.

VOLUNTEER. You’ve been focusing on you, you, you all semester and I can promise you that offering your time and giving back to others will not only help you give back to your community, but it will also help you. Don’t believe me? Read this article on on the mental health benefits of volunteering.

LEARN. I know it sounds lame. But, seriously, consider it. Did you know that Central Arkansas Library System offers FREE online courses? If you want to learn about flower arranging, emergency pet care, coding, anger management, or pretty much anything else you could possible think of, sign up! All you’ll need is a library card.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH UA LITTLE ROCK HEALTH SERVICES. This semester has really taken a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. I can tell. It couldn’t hurt to make an appointment for a general health check-up. Let’s be real, you aren’t going to have time for it after the semester comes back in full force. Plus, its free. Click here for information on making your much needed health appointment.

MEAL PREP. With your recent health-check up, you’ll want to make sure to keep your body in top-notch condition for your upcoming finals and we both know you aren’t going to have much time to cook. So, why not plan ahead and meal prep for the upcoming weeks? Click here for some great tips on meal prepping.

DECLUTTER YOUR CLOSET. Spring is here and its time to clean out your closet (especially since you’ve found yourself with an new thrifted wardrobe). Donate items to your favorite non-profit.(One of my personal favorites, Lucie’s Place, helps homeless LGBTQ young adults.) It’ll make you feel good. Or sell them on Facebook! Facebook Marketplace is a great way to get rid of that old iPhone you don’t use anymore or even that horrible swimsuit you bought last summer and never wore. Someone is going to buy both.

OFFER TO BABYSIT FOR YOUR FRIENDS. Again, just because you’re on spring break doesn’t mean everyone is on spring break. And what about your friends who have kids who have the same spring break as you? Offer to take the kids off their hands for a day and do something fun. Take them to the drive-through zoo in Gentry. If a three hour drive isn’t your thing, find something fun to do around town. Do it for free or do it for a fee, either way, you’re going to get the quality time with kids that you haven’t been able to have all semester and it would mean a lot to parents.

HAVE AN AT HOME SPA DAY. Again: TREAT. YO. SELF. Just because you cant afford to go to a fancy spa in Hot Springs doesn’t mean you can’t have a similar experience at home. Give yourself a facial. Give yourself a mani/pedi. Click here to find out how easy an at home spa day really is.

PLAN YOUR ACADEMIC FUTURE. I know you don’t want to think about school, but this break could be a really great time to plan your academic future. Find out what classes you have to take in order to graduate. Apply for internships. Make flash cards for your finals. Remember: a goal without a plan is just a wish.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR FAMILY. I was once told that your family is where you get your strength from and, to this day, there’s nothing I can agree with more. Take your grandpa some lunch or go to your mom’s and make her dinner (And maybe get some laundry done, too?) And I’m not talking about just your parents, either. Your family can come from all sorts of places: your school family, your work family, or just your friends that are just as annoying as your actual family. Use your downtime to show show your family how much you appreciate them.

GET OUTSIDE. You’re living in the Natural State. Hike Pinnacle, go walk the Big Dam Bridge. Take your dog to a dog park. Have a picnic. Put in some headphones and your favorite album and sit on your front porch. ENJOY THE SUNSHINE. I’LL CASH YOU OUSSIDE.

DON’T DO ANYTHING AT ALL. If none of this sounds like you, sleep for a week. To each his own.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve planned anything or whether or not you’re broke, there’s plenty of options for Spring Break 2017.

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