Donovan and SGA Create Petition for UALR Football Team

In an attempt to create a more vibrant and community-oriented campus, the Student Government Association at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock has created a petition to establish a football team at UALR.

In a recent SGA retreat in Hot Springs many discussions centered on the question of how to build community on campus.

“One of the biggest consensus that students came to… was that we wanted a football team,” said SGA President Connor Donovan.

Donovan acknowledged that creating a football team is a long term project and it can’t happen overnight, but he said something needed to happen to get things moving. The petition has started to make its way around campus with a goal to collect 1,000 signatures before it is sent to administrators.

If the needed signatures are attained, Donovan said the next step would be to give the petition over to the administration.

“I plan on holding a small press conference where I will present the signatures to the new chancellor and the athletic director,” said Donovan. “It’ll be a symbolic start to the process.”

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Donovan said that the university officials have been very supportive, but the biggest struggle has been raising awareness of the petition among students.

“When they find out, it is easy,” said Donovan, citing that in the first two days, 300 students signed the document.

For Donovan, football plays just a part in his goal to create an improved campus community at UALR.

“There are a lot of organizations doing really great things,” Donovan explained. “My main goal is to build that connection.”

Quickly acknowledging that athletics at UALR have already proven to be great for the UALR, Donovan said, that a football team would add “something special.”

If you would like to sign the petition for the UALR football team, use your university email and follow the link here.

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